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Wi-Fi issues and connectivity issues

With so many mobile devices wireless connectivity has become more important than ever.  Our phones are wireless, our laptops are wireless, our printers are wireless.  When these devices work well we are happy and go about our daily lives oblivious to all the technology that goes into their function. When these devices do not work […]


File encryption and emailing encrypted documents

One of the biggest topics today is file encryption and email encryption. These two items are becoming requirements in certain industries. Essentially in a nutshell what they are is advanced layers of protection against unwanted users gaining access to data. By using these technologies you can ensure that a stolen laptop or a compromise email […]


Proper security and protection from viruses

Viruses have been around for decades now and having proper security is absolutely essential. Virus protection is even essential now for the Mac environment.  They are now facing the growing threat of viruses, spyware, adware and other malware.  It is an unfortunate necessity but having proper protection is an absolute must in today’s technological world. […]


Backups and disaster recovery

One of the most commonly overlooked areas in technology today is backup and disaster recovery. It has become more important than ever to make sure you have an adequate plan to protect your data. Not only are you at risk for hardware failure, viruses and human error but today we face other challenges like ransomware […]

Retailers Turn to an Unusual Source for New SKUs

SOURCE:  inc.com  |  SAMUEL EDWARDS Though the desire for new products is nothing new, retailers have found some innovative ways to source these SKUs. Retailers, whether they’re small boutique shops or big-box stores, are always on the lookout for new SKUs (stock keeping units) and products to sell. Keeping relevant and updated products on the […]

Sorry, It’s Time to Start Counting Gigabytes at Home, Too

FROM: WIRED MAGAZINE | KLINT FINLEY YOUR HOME INTERNET will soon work a lot more like your phone’s data plan, if it doesn’t already. AT&T, the second-largest broadband Internet provider in the US, is imposing “data allowances” on its customers. U-Verse customers now face limits between 300GB to 1TB depending on their existing plans, AT&T […]

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FBI Warning To Beware of Face USB Chargers that Wirelessly Record Everything You Type

Last year, a white hat hacker developed a cheap Arduino-based device that looked and functioned just like a generic USB mobile charger, but covertly logged, decrypted and reported back all keystrokes from Microsoft wireless keyboards. Dubbed KeySweeper, the device included a web-based tool for live keystroke monitoring and was capable of sending SMS alerts for […]