file encryption and emailing encryption

File encryption and emailing encrypted documents

One of the biggest topics today is file encryption and email encryption.

These two items are becoming requirements in certain industries. Essentially in a nutshell what they are is advanced layers of protection against unwanted users gaining access to data. By using these technologies you can ensure that a stolen laptop or a compromise email stays safely encrypted and unavailable to whomever falsely possesses it. These two technologies are becoming more and more important as hackers target large repositories of critical information.  By employing encryption on both your hard drive in your email can ensure safe transmission and storage of data.
One of the easiest and most common types of encryption is available with Microsoft Windows 10 professional. It is called BitLocker and it is easily enabled.  By using this hard drive encryption you can ensure that if someone ever took physical possession of your system they would be able to get absolutely no data off of it.  There are several options when it comes to email encryption but the two we prefer are Zixmail and Barracuda.  These two options have their pros and cons but will allow the user to send and receive encrypted email.  Encrypted email is a process in which the recipient receives essentially an email inviting them to log into a secure website and then download the intended document.  This allows for a second layer of protection should that email be compromised.