Wi-fi Issues and Connectivity Issues
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Wi-Fi issues and connectivity issues

With so many mobile devices wireless connectivity has become more important than ever.  Our phones are wireless, our laptops are wireless, our printers are wireless.  When these devices work well we are happy and go about our daily lives oblivious to all the technology that goes into their function. When these devices do not work that is when these common problems can come into play.
Often times a simple reset of your wireless router or wireless access point can cure wireless connectivity issues. Making sure you are close to the wireless device that is transmitting is also a good idea. Sometimes people can accidentally disable their wireless card on their laptop or mobile phone and this can cause issue.  If these simple tips do not resolve your wireless connectivity problems there may be issues with your Internet service provider or you could have a bad router/access.  It is typically recommended to make a quick phone call to your Internet service provider and they can diagnose connectivity remotely to make sure you are connected to their network.  If a response is that everything looks okay on their end then it is probably a bad piece of equipment on your side.  These issues and more can arise in our modern wireless world.