Q: Our Office’s Computers Are Running Slow. Can Keystone Solutions Help Us With That?

A: Keystone Solutions Can Help Tuneup And Speed Up Any And All Makes And Models Of Computer Systems. We Can Also Offer Recommendations To Improve Your Performance In The Future.

Q: If I Use Your I.T. Managed Service To Take Care Of My Computer Systems, What Happens When I Need To Add A New Employee And Set-Up Him/Her With A New Computer? Is That Covered Under The Service?

A: That Process Is Easy You Simply Contact One Of Our Support Agents And The New Person/Machine Will Be Added To Your Contract. Adding New Employees And New Systems Is Simple And Can Even Be Done Via Email. Once The New Person Is Added One Of Our Technicians Will Login To Put Our Preventative Maintenance And Remote Access Support Client On The System.

Q: How Long Is The Contract Term?

A: Here At Keystone Solutions We Don’t Believe In Long-Term Contracts To Lock In A Client. Your Contract Goes Month-To-Month And You Can Cancel With A 30 Day Written Notice. We Don’t Want You To Be Trapped If You’re Not Happy. Our Goal Is To Keep You Very Happy And Keep Your Business, Not Lock You Into A Contract.

Q: If I Use Keystone Solutions Managed Services, How Will I Know If My Server Is Up To Date?

A: You Will Receive A Report In Your Email Every Month For All Of The Managed Services Including Updates You Received That Month. The Report Will Also Include Technician Time As Well As Optimizations And Reporting From Other Automated Processes.

Q: It Seems Like We’re Always Losing Files And Spending Hours On End Looking For Them. We Need Help In Organizing “How” We Keep And Use Our Data – Something That’s Easy For All Of Us To Learn And Remember. Can You Help Us With That?

A: Keystone Solutions Provides Structured Training And Teaching Regarding Managing And Storing Documents As Well As Other Productivity Enhancing Software’s.

Q: Can Keystone Solutions Help Manage Our Email And Files On Our Mobile Devices?

A: Keystone Solutions Can Help Your Organization Manage Its Mobile Phones, Ipads, Tablets. We Can Assist Your Organization In Making Sure Your Important Data And Emails Are Accessible On All Of These Devices

Q: Do You Support Microsoft Outlook And Third-Party Emails?

A: Keystone Solutions Supports Email From Any Third-Party Vendor. We Are Also Able To Assist With Any And All Outlook Issues. We Can Handle Pop3, Imap, As Well As Exchange Mail Accounts.

Q: Our Computer Equipment Is Becoming Obsolete. Yet, We Don’t Have The Slightest Idea Of What We Should Do, What We Should Buy Or When We Should Do It. Do You Do Stuff Like This?

A: At Keystone Solutions We Manage Obsolescence And It Infrastructure Replacement. If You Are A Managed Services Client You Also Get Hardware And Software Discounts For These Upgrades. We Sit Down With You On A One-On-One Basis And Evaluate Your Needs To Determine What New Systems Need To Be Put In Place. We Offer Upfront Pricing And Give You A Firm Quote On New Hardware And Set Up.

Q: Is It A Conflict Of Interest For You To Recommend What Hardware I Should Buy And Then Buy It From You?

A: Getting Down To The Core Of This Question Requires A Lesson In Ethics. Here At Keystone Solutions We Take Your Needs Wants And Desires Above All Else And Will Provide You Only The Equipment And Pricing We Feel Benefits You. We Do Not Choose Our Bottom Line Over Your Fiscal Well-Being.

Q: What Is A Managed Services Provider?

A: A Managed Services Provider Is A Company That Handles All Of Your Information Technology Issues. Typically That Relationship Is Formed And Nurtured Through Continued Trust. Managed Services Providers Can Help Maintain All Of Your Information Technology And Allow You To Grow Your Revenue Streams Instead Of Worrying About Your Systems. Managed Services Providers Are Often Brought In When An Organization Has Outgrown The Break Fix Computer Repair Model And Wants To Take A More Proactive Approach To Maintaining Their Systems.

Q: Do You Provide Services To The Medical Industry?

A: Keystone Solutions Provides Managed Services And It Solutions To The Medical Community Including Dentists, Orthodontists, Urgent Care Clinics, Hospitals, Independent Doctors Offices, Dermatologists, Optometrists, Endodontists, And Many More.

Q: How Does Managed Services Work?

A: It Basically Boils Down To A Relationship Between The Company And Keystone Solutions In Which Both Mutually Benefit. It Is Typically Structured Around A Monthly Budgetable Expense Paid By The Company To Keystone Solutions Which Covers The Whole Gamut Of Information Technology. Instead Of Simply Picking Up The Phone And Calling Every Time Something Is Broken, Keystone Solutions Would Be Actively Monitoring And Preventing Problems On Your Systems And Network. When Problems Do Arise They Are Usually Minimal And Can Be Taken Care Of In Less Than 24 Hours By A Simple Phone Call Or Email To Our Support Network. This Monthly Expense Paid By The Company To Keystone Solutions Comes With A Cornucopia Of It Knowledge Experience And Timely Repairs. Keystone Solutions Would Provide Monitoring, Antivirus, Backups And Troubleshooting Of Any Problems You Run Across In The Month. This Budgetable Expense Allows Both Companies To Better Plan Their Fiscal Inflows And Outflows.

Q: What Kinds Of Companies Benefit From Managed Services?

A: Managed Services Are Truly Available And Affordable To All Ranges Of Companies From The Small Size To The Large Enterprise. Managed Services Is Simply A Proactive Approach To Keeping Your Information Technology Running At Top-Notch And Protecting You From The Latest Security Threats. Whether You Are An Office With Five Employees Or 500, Managed Services Is A Good Approach To Keep All Of Your Infrastructure Running Top-Notch.

Q: Will Managed Services Be More Expensive Than Hiring An In-House It Guy?

A: This Is A Great Question And Boils Down To The Math If You Have An Office With 50 Pcs, An In-House It Guy Will Be Busy 40 Hours A Week Easily. His Salary Is Gonna Come To Around $40,000 Or So If He Is Paid Appropriately For His Knowledge. Those Same 50 Pcs At Our Tier 1 Plan Could Be Managed Maintained Monitored And Kept Running Smoothly For Right About Half The Cost. Not Only Would It Be Half The Cost But You Would Not Have To Worry About Payroll, Hr, Vacations, And All The Other Employee Headaches.

Q: What Makes Keystone Solutions Different From The Other Managed Services Providers?

A: Here At Keystone Solutions We Offer One-Stop Pricing. We Don’t Add-On Extra Destination Fees, Up Charge Extra Time Or Increase Your Monthly Bill While No One’s Watching. Here At Keystone Solutions One Other Thing That Sets Us Apart As We Offer Third-Party Vendor Management Meaning If Your Isp Is Having Problems We Take Care Of That. If Your Telephony Provider Is Having Issues We Manage That For You As Well. We Manage Any Third-Party It Related Issue So You Don’t Have To Pick Up The Phone And Wait On Hold To Talk To Some Call Center Person And Try To Explain It Yourself. One Call To Our Support Starts Us On A Path To Repairing Whatever Technology Problems You Have.

Q: I Only Want To Pay When I Need You. Why Would I Want To Pay A Monthly Fee?

A: The Monthly Fee That Goes Along With Having A Managed Services Provider Is So Much More Than An Expense. It Provides Peace Of Mind And Also Sets A Framework For Any And All Repairs That Happen During The Month As This Relationship Provides Reporting And Monitoring So That When A Technician Is Contacted They Have A Better Understanding Of What Is Happening To Your Systems. The Break Fix Model No Longer Works In Today’s Fast-Paced It World. Take For Instance One Security Breach Or Encryption Virus That Wipes Out Your Whole Network And Cost You Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars. We Believe In Managed Services Because We Have Seen What It Can Do In Preventing Many Of Today’s Technology Pitfalls. It Is Simply A Better Approach To The World We Live In And The Technology We Rely Upon. That All Being Said If You Simply Want To Pay Per Hour And Continue With An Antiquated Break Fix Model We Provide That As Well. You Would Be Paying Whatever The Going Technician Rate Is And Will Still Be Serviced Well.

Q: What Cities Does Keystone Solutions Service?

A: We Truly Have No Borders With Most Items Being Fixed And Managed Remotely These Days. We Have National Chain Companies That Rely Upon Us To Provide Managed Services And It Solutions All Over The United States Of America. No Location Is Too Remote And No Location Is Off-Limits. We Can And Will Serve Any Client Anywhere In The United States Of America.

Q: How Difficult Is It To Change From My Current Managed Services Provider To Keystone Solutions?

A: The Process Usually Starts With A Phone Call To Us To Discuss Your Current Needs And Agree Upon Pricing As Well As Plans. Once That Process Has Been Done We Can Manage Your Entire On-Boarding From There. We Would Call Your Current It Vendor And Discuss Changing Over With Them Cordially. It Is Typically Not A Difficult Process Or One In Which Anyone Gets Hurt. That Is All Manageable And Handled By Us For You.

Q: What Kinds Of Companies Are Good Candidates For Keystone Solutions Managed Services?

A: Any Company Who Wants To Take A Proactive Approach To Their Information Technology And Infrastructure Is A Good Candidate For Keystone Solutions. We Have Companies From Every Industry Under Our Managed Services And No Company Is Outside Our Technological Reach. We Have Companies With Multiple Branched-Chain Locations Who Use Vpns And Extensive Firewalls. We Also Have Companies With Single Locations With Less Intensive Security Measures In Place To Keep Them Protected. Any Company That Relies On Their Information Technology To Get Business Done Which Pretty Much Means Everyone These Days.

Q: How Can Keystone Solutions Provide It Services For One Fixed Price?

A: We Have Been Doing This For Over A Decade And Know What Types Of Typical Problems Our Clients Will Face. With Our Preventative Maintenance And Monitoring Software Is In Place We Don’t Have To Worry About Surprises But Will Plan For Them And Respond Accordingly. We Typically Have A General Idea In Mind Of What Your Company Will Face And How We Will Respond To It So We Can Build All That Into One Set Fee Per Month Rather Than Trying To Always Adjust Based On The Amount Of Work Involved With Keeping Your Systems Running Smoothly. We Offer Many Different Plans And Will Discuss Them With You On Our Initial Consult To Determine Which One Is Best For You. We Can Often Match You With A Plan Based On Some Pretty Simple Questions.

Q: How Will I Know What Plan Is Right For My Company?

A: This Is Easily Accomplished By A Simple Set Of Questions Which Include Some Of The Following: Are You Using A Server? How Often Do You Have Technology Issues? How Time Critical Is It That You Recover From A Technological Failure? How Many Computers Do You Have? What Types Of Software’s Are You Using On A Daily Basis? Are You Currently Managing Your Own Backups? There Are Obviously A Few Other Questions And Those Will Be Discussed On The Initial Consult But These Can Give Us A Pretty Good Idea Of Where Your Technology Stands.

Q: We Currently Have An It Department Is Keystone Solutions Still Of Benefit To Us?

A: We Love This Question Because We Can Augment And Enhance Any Current It Department For Any Size Company. Just Imagine If Your In-House It Department Could Actually Focus On Tasks And Projects That Help The Company Grow Revenue Rather Than Continually Fighting Outages, Downtime, Viruses, And Other Nagging It Issues. Keystone Solutions Can Manage Tier 1 And Tier 2 Support Levels For Your Organization While You’re In-House It Manages Tier 3 And Projects Which Help Your Company Grow And Thrive In Today’s Environment.

Q: Does Keystone Solutions Come On-Site Every Time I Call And Have A Problem?

A: Keystone Solutions Can Handle 90% Of Issues Remotely But In Those Times Of Need Where A Technician On-Site Is Required We Will Happily Send One Out. We Like To Determine That Based On A Case-By-Case Basis And Will Always Take The Appropriate Action To Get You Back Up And Running.

Q: Do You Use Subcontractors?

A: Keystone Solutions Does Use Appropriate Skilled And Licensed Contractors In Some Instances In Order To Provide The Appropriate Solution To Our Clients. Our Subcontractors Are Of The Highest Quality And Are Always Verified By Us Before Doing Any Work For Client.

Q: What If I Keep Having The Same Issue Over And Over Again?

A: If The Same Technology Issue Arises Over And Over Again, Keystone Solutions Will Peel Back The Layers And Get Deep Into The Actual Problem To Solve And Eliminate The Root Cause. Many Times Technological Issues Are Not As Cut And Dry On The Front End And Can Require Several Repair Attempts Before The Actual Problem Is Resolved But Rest Assured Keystone Solutions Will Not Stop Until The Actual Root Problem Is Resolved.

Q: Is Keystone Solutions Insured?

A: Absolutely. We Are Insured With A Major Insurance Agency And Bonded.

Q: What Happens To My Bill If I Use More Hours Than Are Allotted In My Monthly Managed Services Contract?

A: First Of All We Will Never Bill You Overages Without Actually Calling To Talk To You First. Often Times We Do Not Bill Overages As They Typically Do Not Occur Once The Root Problem Has Been Solved. That Being Said No Surprises And No Jaw-Dropping Bills.

Q: Do You Charge And On-Boarding Or Sign-Up Fee?

A: Never And Absolutely Not. We Do Not Take The Opportunity To Bring On A New Client As A Revenue Grab. You Would Simply Start Your It Assurance Plan (Our Managed Services Plan) And That Would Be Sufficient.

Q: How Long Does It Take You To Respond When I Have A Problem?

A: Typical Response Times Do Vary But Service-Level Agreements Between Our Company And Yours Will Ensure That All Your Problems Are Fixed Within Two Hours. This Service-Level Agreement Is An Added Cost But Will Provide An Absolute Guarantee To Any And All Problems That Arise. If You Are Not A Member Of The Service-Level Agreement Your Response Times Can Be Expected To Be Within 1 To 2 Hours And Usually Repairs Are Completed Within 24 Hours. Often Times Even Faster Than That.

Q: What If My Network Is Not Up To Par?

A: Keystone Solutions Can Evaluate Your Current Network And Make Suggestions To Improve And Enhance It. Often Times These Improvements Will Solve A Lot Of Your Issues And Speed Problems.

Q: My Internet Is Always Going Down What Can You Do To Help?

A: We Would Manage That Problem With Your Internet Service Provider And If It Is A Continued Issue Switch You Over To A New Provider. We Also Have Redundant Internet Solutions That Ensure Your Network Never Goes Down And You Always Have Access To The Internet.

Q: My Internet Is Slow What Can I Do?

A: Keystone Solutions We Have Relationships With All Major Internet Service Providers. We Can Evaluate Your Current Internet Provider As Well As Speeds And Enhance Them Or Assist You In Switching Over To Another Provider. We Can Also Diagnose And Assist In The Repair Of Any And All Network Quality Issues.

Q: What Happens If We Try Your Services And Don’t Like Them?

A: Well Just Like The End Of A Bad First Date We Can Go To The Front Door, Hug, Tell Each Other Will Call Each Other Later And Cut Ties. We Don’t Have Any Long-Term Contracts So You’re Welcome To Leave At Any Time With A 30 Day Written Notice. We Like To Keep You Happy And If That Means Letting You Go We Will Be Fine In Doing That. We Just Ask For A 30 Day Written Notice Before Ending Any Relationship.

 Q: I Prefer To Have An It Professional In-House Why Should I Consider Using You As A Solution:

A: The Main Benefits Of Having Us Over An In-House It Person Are Cost, Availability, And Experience Pooling. With Us As Your It Professional Solution You Never Have To Worry About Vacation, Sick Days, Personal Days, Employee Headaches And Problems. We Are Always Available At Your Call And Much More Capable Than Any Single In-House It Professional Could Ever Be. We Have A Pool Of Experience To Draw From Throughout Our Company To Help You With Any And All Problems. The Other Benefit Is We Are Normally About Half The Cost Of Having An In-House It Person With Zero Headaches.

Q: Do You Have Client References We Can Check?

A: Client References Are Always Available Upon Request. If Client References Are Requested We Normally Match You Up With Our Current Clients In Your Same Industry. That Is Never A Problem When We’re Always Happy To Provide References.

Q: Will We Have A Main Contact Or Manager On Our Account?

A: Any And All Of Our Technicians Are Fully Qualified To Assist You With Your Problems However If You Would Like To Have A Central Account Manager One Can Be Assigned. For Some Projects That Require An Account Manager You Will Absolutely Have One Helping You Throughout The Entire It Process.

Q: How Long Does The On-Boarding Process Take?

A: This Question Typically Hinges On The Size Of The Organization We Are On-Boarding However Most On-Boardings Take About 1 To 2 Business Days.

Q: Why Do You Need To Do A Network Assessment?

A: Network Assessments Are Important Because They Allow Us To Get A Visual Snapshot Of Your Current Infrastructure. As You Well Know Your Current Infrastructure Is Very Important To Your Day-To-Day Operations And Your Reliability. A Snapshot Of Your Network Allows Us To Better Gauge Your Starting Point And Current Network Health.

Q: We Currently Have An It Manager In-House But They Are Becoming Overwhelmed, How Can You Help?

A: Instead Of Hiring Another In-House It Guy That Could Leave Your Company In Six Months After You’ve Fully Trained Them We Can Step In And Assist Your Current It Manager In-House. We Can Clearly Define Tier 1, Tier 2 And Tier 3 Support Levels And Determine Which Support Levels We Need To Step In On And Which Your In-House It Manager Will Take Care Of. For Example Sake Keystone Solutions Could Be Responsible For All Tier 1 And Tier 2 Level It Problems While You’re In-House It Personnel Could Manage Tier 3. In Doing This We Can Greatly Reduce The In-House It Managers Workload As Well As Reduce Your Cost Of Hiring Another Employee.

Q: Was Security Methods Will We Have With You To Protect Our Company?

A: Every Business Requires A Different Level Of Security But At A Baseline You Would Have A Software Firewall, Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware And Managed Dns Service. This Baseline Would Help To Keep Your Systems Running Securely. There Are Many Other Items That Can Be Added To Any Security Plan Such As A Hardware Firewall, Group Policies And Many Other Technological Barriers To Protect You.

Q: My Company Requires Email Encryption Can You Help With This?

A: Keystone Solutions Can Help With Any Email Encryption Requirement. We Can Assist In Setting Up Simple Email Encryption Plans To Companywide Automatic Encryption. We Can Sit Down And Look At Any Email Encryption Requirement And Assist You In Finding The Proper Technology To Meet That Requirement.

Q: Do You Support Both Windows And Mac Osx?

A: Yes We Support Both Microsoft Windows Personal Computers And Macintosh Osx Systems.

Q: Can You Help Us Develop An It Security Policy?

A: Yes We Have Many Frameworks That We Can Custom Adapt To Your Business And Assist You In Developing An It Security Policy.

Q: Do You Handle Vendor Coordination So We Are Not Stuck In The Middle?

A: On A Project By Project Basis When Agreed Upon By Both Parties We Can Handle Vendor Coordination For Major Projects

Q: How Do You Monitor Client Satisfaction?

A: When Any Support Ticket Is Closed An Email Is Sent To The Employee For That Business On File With The Survey Attached. At That Time You Can Review Our Services And We Take Those Surveys Very Seriously And Work To Remedy Any Issues.

Q: Do You Support Printers?

A: Yes We Support All Major Makes And Models Of Printers. Hp, Kyocera, Toshiba, Brother, Epson, Konica Minolta, Etc..

Q: Do You Have Loaner Equipment When Ours Fails?

A: We Do Not Always Have A Piece Of Equipment That Is Your Exact Specifications But In A Time Of Need We Can Always Come Up With A Temporary Workstation.

Q: How Often Do You Come On-Site?

A: We Come On-Site As Needed. We Prefer To Fix Any And All Problems That We Can Remotely However If Remote Repair Is Not An Option One Of Our Friendly Technicians Will Come On-Site In A Timely Manner.

Q: How Do You Handle Projects And Major System Upgrades?

A: Projects And Major System Upgrades Are Assigned To A Keystone It Professional To Handle From Start To Finish. You Will Have A Specific Person Who Is Managing Your Specific Project That You Can Keep In Touch With And Receive Status Updates From.

Q: Can You Handle Help Desk Tickets And Desktop Support Virtually?

A: Absolutely. Most Support Tickets Are Handled Remotely. The Ones That Require An On-Site Technician Will Receive An On-Site Technician.

Q: How Do You Handle After Hours And Holiday Calls?

A: After Hours And Holiday Calls Are Handled On A Case-By-Case Emergency Basis. Our Voicemail Is Monitored During Off Hours And Major Emergencies Are Responded To.

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