mobile device mgmt iconYou can secure your mobile devices and PCs by protecting corporate data, enforcing password policies and remote lock and wipe…

  • Facilitate mobile devices remotely
  • Asset Management
  • Software Contacts, Passwords, WiFi Connections
  • Security Management
  • Easy way to Manage all your smartphones and tablets
  • Corporate Devices or Employee Devices

Integrate Mobile Devices With Enterprise Systems

Integration is easy.
You have no need for on-premises servers or network.
Discover devices accessing enterprise systems.
Integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft
Leverage existing Active Directory/LDAP and Certificate Authorities.

Centrally Manage Mobile Devices

A unified console for smartphones and tablets with a centralized policy and control across multiple platforms.
Configure email, calendar, contacts, Wifi and VPD profiles over-the-air.
Approve or quarantine new mobile devices on the network.
Distribute and manage public and corporate applications.
Securely share and update documents and content

Streamline Mobile Device Management Support

Diagnose and resolve device, user or app issues in real time.
Locate lost or stolen devices
Reset forgotten passcodes

Rapidly Enroll Mobile Devices

Streamline the platform set-up and device enrollment process to make life simple for IT and employees.
Register corporate and employee owned (BYOD) devices.
Initiate individual or bulk device enrollments.
Apply or modify default device policy settings.
Create and distribute customized acceptable use policies and EULAs.
Select MDM services and configure device enrollment settings.
Send enrollment requests over the air using SMS, email, or a custom URL.

Proactively Secure Mobile Devices

Dynamic security and compliance features continuously monitor devices and take action.
Specify passcode policies.
Enforce encryption settings.
Detect and restrict jail-broken and rooted devices.
Selectively wipe corporate data leaving personal data intact.
Create real-time compliance rules with automated actions.
Use geo-fencing rules to enforce location-related compliance.

Monitor And Report On Mobile Devices

Detailed hardware and software inventory reports
Privacy settings block collection of personally identifiable information

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