Network Security iconNetwork Security and meeting your Compliance Requirements

  • Whether you need help with HIPAA Compliance, PCI Compliance or SOX Compliance; Keystone Solutions can help.
  • IT Security Consulting: From firewall installation to intrusion detection services, our consultants will ensure your network resources are safe.
  • Network Security Assessment: We’ll conduct a sophisticated on-site analysis of your network’s vulnerabilities to hackers, viruses, and other threats.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Our security experts will create and install secure-access Internet and Network Connections for your branch offices, traveling staff and telecommuters.
  • We’ll install and configure a secure SonicWALL or Cisco firewall to create a secure barrier between your organization’s network and the Internet.

Why Worry?

There’s no denying it—we live and work in a digital age. This means that, after your people, data is your company’s single most important asset and valuable resource. With the advent of the Internet a deluge of information, emailing, chatting and document sharing has become commonplace. But this great boon has also exposed the need for businesses to keep their computing and network assets safe from cyber crime, by providing protection against unwanted threats such as viruses, spyware, adware, and unwanted applications.

Retail anti-virus programs may offer adequate protection and easy management for small or home offices, but aren’t sufficient for anything but a few machines. For businesses with multiple or even hundreds of workstations to protect, retail products require too much oversight and place too much control on the end user leaving your network, server and computers vulnerable. That’s where we come in.

KeyStone Solutions will put a comprehensive security plan in place and recommend the right technology tools and services to safeguard your network.

Why Do I Need An Anti-Virus?

The most important reason behind having computer antivirus software is for the protection of your gadget. Viruses are invaders that can breakdown your computer’s operation. It could destroy all vital data and disturb the operating system making your computer worthless. Viruses cannot easily access the central processing unit of your PC when you have protection software against these viruses. CPU is the brain and heart of your computer that is why it is imperative to have a protection gear against unwanted attackers.

Who Needs A Firewall?

Anyone who is responsible for a private network that is connected to a public network needs firewall protection.

How Does A Firewall Work?

There are two access denial methodologies used by firewalls. A firewall may allow all traffic through unless it meets certain criteria, or it may deny all traffic unless it meets certain criteria. The type of criteria used to determine whether traffic should be allowed through varies from one type of firewall to another. Firewalls may be concerned with the type of traffic, or with source or destination addresses and ports. They may also use complex rule bases that analyse the application data to determine if the traffic should be allowed through. How a firewall determines what traffic to let through depends on which network layer it operates at. A discussion on network layers and architecture follows.

Is A Firewall Sufficient To Secure My Network?

The firewall is an integral part of any security program, but it is not a security program in and of itself. Security involves data integrity, service or application integrity, data confidentiality, and authentication. Firewalls only address the issues of data integrity, confidentiality and authentication of data that is behind the firewall. Any data that transits outside the firewall is subject to factors out of the control of the firewall. It is therefore necessary for an organization to have a well planned and strictly implemented security program that includes but is not limited to firewall protection.

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